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    Pirate One EA 1.6V MT4

    The Pirate One EA trades during small market volatility, after the end of our session, tracking the price levels on several indicators. After that, it opens positions and monitors them until they are closed with a profit or, if possible, with a small loss.

    It does not use the martingale strategy, averaging positions, waiting for loss, etc. Positions can be opened with fixed TakeProfit and virtual. It is possible to use a dynamic lot to increase the volume of positions with successful trading.

    The size of Risk, TakeProfit, and Stoploss, only for average testing, for each currency pair to select separately!.



    -Possible currency pairs for testing: CHFJPY, EURAUD, USDCAD.
    -I do not recommend a bet on all pairs at once! especially if they are correlated with each other. It is better to put first on one tested and optimized pair with a small risk, or a fixed lot, to get acquainted with the trading process. Once the trading results are satisfactory, you can add risk and pairs.
    -Work best on M15 Time Frames.
    -Recommended Broker: XM.COM

    Download Pirate One EA 1.6V MT4

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