Download TWK Auto Support & Resistance Indicator [MT4]

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    Indicators TWK Auto Support & Resistance MT4

    This indicator will automatically draw the best, most recent swing points on any pair. Works on all timeframes and will send alerts when price reaches the levels.

    Automatic Levels
    The indicator will update ONLY as new price levels appear, Keeps you trading the most recent price action only.

    Very Easy To Use
    Very simple design. This indicator is excellent for beginners, keeps your charts clear and provides optimum trade levels.

    Proven Trade Plan
    The strategy that is used with this indicator is very easy. I have offered free trials to people without price action training and even they can profit.



    -This indicator uses the most recent price action points that are available.
    -Combining price action points from higher time frames allows us to enter with small trade setups, taking advantage of HUGE risk to reward trades.
    -The indicator will update as new price points are available. (NON REPAINTING) Only updating when new S/R is available. Ensuring you are trading only fresh price action.

    Recommended Broker: XM.COM
    Download TWK Auto Support & Resistance
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    I like to try it. thank for sharing
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    Muito bom!
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