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    Trade Confirmed Indicator MT4

    The Trade Confirmed indicator (or the Trade Confirmer) is specifically designed to be used with Simple Trading Solutions price action pattern. Its name describes exactly how it should be used: To confirm trades. The most important thing about this indicator is that it should not be used without the proper price action Indication.

    Once price action gives us the proper Indication, then and only then do we turn to this Indicator to confirm our trade. Indication first, Indicator second. As is the case with any indicator, it will be running at all times and will be putting out arrows during consolidation. We don’t care what the indicator is doing during these times at all until price breaks through and gives us the price action indication we are looking for in our set-ups.

    Most indicators will only be using one single data point and will perhaps display that data point against a moving average. The Trade Confirmer is a live meter that measures 10 data points in real time which you can combine with any of your favorite on-screen indicators.



    Easily confirm every trade. No more guessing.
    Combining this indicator with our proven entry method creates an unstoppable system.
    This indicator does NOT repaint.
    The meter is live allowing you to enter and exit trades with confidence.

    Recommended Broker: XM.COM
    Download Trade Confirmed Indicator [MT4]
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    it looks sensible
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    hi, when i execute said the error dll is noy allowed!! please allow.

    But i allowed this DLL
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    there is no dll file

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