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    Stake Casino Rewiew

    Stake, founded in 2017 as an online casino that uses Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a payment method.
    Stake comes with a huge variety of casino games, attractive welcome bonus, deposit bonus, and betting options. The list of options includes slot games, card games, betting shows, the option to bet on a deal live, easy to withdraw money options and much more. Curacao licenses Stake and the platform has been trying to build upon its reputation as a trusted gambling and betting platform.


    Stake Casino Features

    Stake has numerous features and primarily all the benefits to the users and has some added advantages compared to most online casinos, including an attractive welcome bonus and deposit bonus. These features are applicable from a gambling platform forefront and from the side of it being a platform that accepts cryptocurrency as a form of payment.

    Being one of the top online casinos, the features of the platform start with a plethora of online and virtual games (as well as games that are Stake originals – exclusive games) that are present, a provision to bet on various significant sports and leagues, slot games, regular and consistent giveaways, etc. The game selection is among the more diverse ones across the industry.

    Pros of Stake

    Lifetime Rakeback.
    By using our exclusive code "MANIAKS" when registering, you will receive 15% rakeback on all of your wagers, forever.

    Great reputation.
    Perfect player reviews across the internet and forums

    Two-factor authentication.
    Use this rare feature to keep your account secure

    Provably fair games.
    Verify the results of some of their games

    Great customer service.
    The support will resolve your issues promptly and in many languages

    Large crypto variety.
    Deposit with more than 130+ cryptocurrencies

    Lots of betting odds.
    Bet on more than 100 different outcomes on major events

    Casino games for everyone.
    1,021 games available, including 16 exclusive to

    Active community.
    Players are interacting with each other in 8 languages. You won’t feel alone!

    High return to player.
    RTP reaches 99% for some games

    Awesome promotions.
    Frequent and attractive promotions, including a chance to win a Lamborghini Huracan Evo

    Bonuses and Promotions

    The platform of the casino is frequently coming out with promotions for the casino which serves as an incentive to new users or gamblers looking for a new betting platform. These promotions come in the form of casino points, free items or other advantages that can enhance the already rewarding gambling interface and game graphics that the Stake casino has built in it.

    The number of promotions available on the website stays over 5 at most times and can even reach over a dozen. In the past, the casino has given away supercars through online raffles aside from the weekly and monthly bonuses, not to forget the lack of a welcome bonus.

    Weekly $100,000 Giveaway

    While the amount has not been fixed all the time, Stake casino gives out $100,000 as a part of their weekly bonus to its users. This giveaway can only be availed by one of the existing members of the platform and the individuals who are not registered with the platform can not make use of this rewarding opportunity. Furthermore, there are additional casino bonuses going on that might also update weekly aside from the weekly races where the total winning amount can reach a staggering $250,000. These are only some of the bonuses that are going on the sports betting site and crypto casino that is Stake originals.

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    they do not request documents when withdrawing funds, which I really liked
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    Big Win
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