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    MtPESA EA is an advance strategy trading EA which combines volume and price action to detect high probability trend setups. The EA does not use dangerous strategies.
    No Martingale, No Grid, No Arbitrage, Only Real Stop Loss, Take Profit and profit lock which will not start to trail any trade until it’s profitable. Multi-Timeframe Trend Trade Filter The EA can detect higher timeframe trend to make sure that your entry timeframe and its higher timeframe are in the same direction of the trend. Win Percentage Rate Trade Filter The EA can filter trades based on previous win rate of the current instrument you are trading.

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    All Orders Are Protected By Stop Loss Avoids unnecessary huge loss due to high market volatility, it’s very important to have a stop loss especially when the market volatility suddenly spikes higher and it goes the opposite direction to your trades. Auto Lot Size Calculation The EA can automatically calculate the necessary lot size for your orders based on the risk percentage you specified.


    No Martingale, No Grid, No Arbitrage This EA does not use dangerous strategies, only real stop loss and take profits. Auto Close Orders On Opposite Signal The EA will automatically close orders when a new opposite signal is detected. Options to Set Your Take Profit and Stop Loss Risk/reward ratio - you can set your preferred risk/reward ratio and it will auto-calculate your TP based on the size of your SL Fixed value in Pips - you can specify a fixed amount of pips for setting the size of TP & SL

    Download MtPESA EA
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