Download Mforex Smart Scalper 4.0 EA [MT4]

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    Mforex Smart Scalper 4.0 EA MT4

    Friends, I have been asked for a long time to put my best adviser up for sale. I thought about it for a long time and didn't want to do it.
    Well, you talked me into it. I am ready to present " Mforex Smart Scalper 4.0
    History for more than six months, beginning on 01/01/2021, initial balance of $ 500, profit +5492.32% or +27 461.62 dollars.

    Mforex Smart Scalper 4.0.jpg

    Recommended Broker: XM.COM
    Download Mforex Smart Scalper 4.0 EA MT4
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    Thank you admin
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    Thank you admin
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    thank you
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    what pairs? what TF?
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    Thank bro
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    Doesn't work when backtest!
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    Thank you for sharing your Expert. Could you provide an explanation regarding the user parameters? You tested M1 yet the default is TimeFrame 5. This Expert does not back test on my MT4 with Oanda.
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    Hello Admin, Your Expert does not load properly in 2023, it does not Open trades. The interface I saw on the Chart no longer exists. have you time limited this Expert? This is unfortunate to report. Is V4 your latest version? Please reply to this post.

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