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    Deriv multipliers

    Deriv multipliers combines the upside of leverage trading with the limited risk of options. This means that when the market moves in your favour, you'll multiply your potential profits. If the market moves against your prediction, your losses are limited only to your stake.




    Why trade multipliers on Deriv

    Better risk management
    Customise your contracts to suit your style and risk appetite using innovative features like stop loss, take profit, and deal cancellation.

    Increased market exposure
    Get more market exposure while limiting risk to your stake amount.

    Secure, responsive platform
    Enjoy trading on secure, intuitive platforms built for new and expert traders.

    Expert and friendly support
    Get expert, friendly support when you need it.

    Trade 24/7, 365 days a year
    Offered on forex and synthetic indices, you can trade multipliers 24/7, all-year-round.

    Crash/Boom indices
    Predict and gain from exciting spikes and dips with our Crash/Boom indices.


    How multipliers contracts work

    Define your position
    Select the market you want to trade and set other essential parameters including trade type, stake amount, and multiplier value.

    Set optional parameters
    Define optional parameters that give you more control over your trading, including stop loss, take profit, and deal cancellation.

    Purchase your contract
    Purchase the contract if you are satisfied with the position you have defined.

    How to buy your first multipliers contract on DTrader



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