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    Betting strategy in the opposite direction

    The counter-outcome bet is an ordinary bet on the opposite outcome of a certain sports event that was previously included in the express. That is, this bet is always made after the previously placed express, to cover the possible loss on this express.


    This rate is called the rate of the professionals. Let's analyze an example of this bet: We have several outcomes, for example - 3, in which we are confident. Now you need to make an express bet from these events. The express must be separated by time. This means that the latest events in it should start later than the others.

    18: 00 "MU-Arsenal" Win1 koef. 1.9
    19: 30 "Barcelona - Liverpool" Win1 koef. 1.75
    23: 00 "Chelsea-Tottenham" win1 koef. 1.55
    The overall rate of Express: 5.15
    Bid: 1000 $

    So, let's say that the first two matches were played, Manchester United beat Arsenal, and Barcelona won against Liverpool. There is only one match left and we can use the professional bet. The essence of it is that you need to bet on an outcome that contradicts the remaining outcome specified in the express for the last match.

    In this example, it will be a bet W 2 x (non-win Tottenham). Let's assume that the kef for this bet is 1.9. And in order to beat off a possible loss on the express (the amount of the bet on the express), you need to put: 1000/(1.9 - 1)= 1111 to win2x.

    Bet counter-outcome-23: 00 "Chelsea-Tottenham" W2X coef. 1.9 Now we get two options for the outcome:

    1. If "Chesley" beats "Tottenham" then we will get a win on the express-minus the counter-pass bet. 5.15*1000-1111=$4039
    2. If Tottenham wins or the match ends in a draw, then the anti - pass bet will play-minus the express bet. 1111*1.9-1000=$1110
    As you can see in both options, we remain in the black. Thus, a smart person will move the situation to breakeven in any case, thereby losing part of the winnings from the first bet.

    Insurance of risk and gain in any outcome.

    A small loss from the potential win of the first bet-express. But, as practice shows, it is the last bid that is often not guessed. The moment is most likely purely psychological, the reasons for this are difficult to explain.

    Conditions of the anti-pass bid:

    1. The express must be separated by time. The last event in it, should start after the first one has ended. The number of events in the express is determined by everyone. But, it is desirable to take the first events with the most likely outcome.

    2. The coefficient for the last event on the express train must be low. In this case, the amount of the counteroffer bet will be small, since the kef. on the counteroffer bet will be high. And this is very profitable.

    The anti-pass bet is great for tennis matches. You bet on the victory of one tennis player before the match, and when his advantage becomes obvious in the course of the game and the kef. on the opponent increases to the sky, then the counter-move bet is placed on the second tennis player.

    Such a smart bet of the professional leads to the fact that the professional wins in any case, regardless of the outcome of the match.

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