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    - Measures the magnitude of recent price changes to evaluate overbought or oversold conditions in the price of any financial asset.
    - Provides technical traders with information about bullish a bearish potential price momentum.
    - Divergence detector in any financial market.
    - Standard RSI calculation in conjunction with weighted moving average ( WMA ) and Smoothing period functions.
    - Beautiful coloured clouds that aware market players of the current market sentiment or momentum of any given asset price.
    - Vertical transparent colors over SRCs line indicating SRCs line crossing above or below a certain threshold of two extremes levels of the oscillator indicator


    - SRC "Smooth relative could" Showing overbought & oversold area
    - Notify when momentum-shifting
    - Divergence detector
    - The advance version of RSI
    - Alert feature.
    - Available in and MT4
    - Lifetime access
    - All currency pair
    - Free E-book guideline
    - Free update
    - More than 80% winning rate
    - Non repaint indicat
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    Download FLASH-FX Scalper Indicator MT4

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