Download MACD Divergence Box Indicator [MT4]

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    MACD Divergence Box Indicator MT4

    The MACD Divergence Box Indicator will do the complicated and tedious analysis for you. The indicator will spot regular divergences fully automatic. You will simply see the colored boxes on the chart.

    The MACD Divergence Box indicator is one of the key elements to detect my favorite setup type: Golden Setups

    Your advantages:
    1. Automatic detection of regular divergences
    2. No divergence analysis skills required
    3. Analyze any instrument on any time frame

    Examples of an automatically detected bullish and a bearish divergence:


    Here is a video that shows how the indicator detects the divergences in real-time:

    Recommended Broker: XM.COM
    Download MACD Divergence Box Indicator [MT4]

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